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Permission Forms & Student Contracts

These forms are required for each student that attend trips and activities with Forward.  These only have to be completed once, they are then kept in a secure file.

  • Activity Permission Form

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  • Student


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So when do we get together...

  • Forward MidWeek

    FWD Mid-Week is our WEDNESDAY NIGHT environment. From 6:45 till 8, students will experience more of everything they love: worship for their generation, useful teaching environments, fun games and crazy experiences. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and join us for this great experience. Dinner is served @ 6.

  • Forward Random Sunday Nights (R.S.N.)

    Forward Random Sunday Nights are all about one thing….random fellowship and fun.  “This aint yo mamma’s kind of church”.  See the calendar at the student table to get the exact schedule of R.S.N..

  • LifeGroups

    LIFE GROUPS are where YOUth do life together. In a Life Group, you are paired with other kids in your same spot in life in order to discuss life and ways to live a life that honors God. Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and sometimes you might find a doughnut or two to greet you.  Our lifeGroups usually dig deeper into the topic introduced on Wednesday nights.


    What is roots? It’s our no frills-super deep Bible study for all serious students of God’s word.  No games or crowd breakers, just deep study of God’s word.  Roots takes place 1 hour before all Random Sunday Nights that are at the church (see the Random Sunday Nights Calendar for details).  We go through the bible book by book, chapter by chapter.