Who we are:

"Loving People into Christ's Likeness"

Jesus made it clear that He came to Earth so we could discover a way of living life that is fully satisfying. At Hamilton Mill Christian Church we want people to discover that this promise from Jesus is true!

We understand life is tough whether you are a Christian or not.  We don't claim to have all the answers, but we're a people who love God and want to love others into Christ-likeness.  Our preacher says, "we're not a perfect church, but we are serving a perfect Lord."

The question may be on your mind - "What kind of church is this?"

The answer is simple - We're a church!  We have no denominational ties, no state or national headquarters - just a local congregation serving the living God.

The important thing is - we want you to understand that you are significant.  YOU matter to God AND to us.

Our goal is that many people will come to Hamilton Mill Christian Church and find "a place to belong."